Tudi Gong- Ma Wing Man-2.jpg

Tudi Gong (The God of the Earth)


Inkjet print on photo paper

30.5cm(H) x 20.3cm(W) each


Tudi Gong (The God of Earth) is a household guardian protecting and blessing a family. Different families decorate and worship their Tudi Gongs in different manners.

The relationships of families to their Tudi Gongs is reflected in the physical appearance and also the living environment of the gods.

Standing in a roll in the old estates, Tudi Gongs form a unique cityscape and is indeed one of the significant visual cultures of Hong Kong.

Let's Go on a Picnic
Mixed Media
Documentation Video: 4'38''

Making use of the properties of Kam Sheung Road MTR Station- water, space, sunlight through the large windows, the low usage lawn and the weekend market outside the station, a picnic serving fresh and good quality handmade bread is held. Local citizens, friends and MTR staff are invited and welcome to join and taste a fresh slice of bread produced at the MTR. Through spending three to four hours in the MTR station to make bread, the restrictions with no eating, no staying, no private activity are challenged and the usage of MTR station is changed from the public space to private place. The perceptions of how people see and treat public spaces are inspired through the dialogues and their involvements.

The Season of Christmas Tree

30cm(W) x 89cm(H)

Collage on rice paper

Through collecting and taking photos of Christmas trees within Hong Kong, 

it forms a phenomenon of fake Christmas trees standing in every corner of the city.