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Recycled fabric and strings, aluminium, wood

Dimensions variable


Roundabout recreates the children's innocence and playfulness, allowing individuals and groups to reminisce about the excitement of childhood play and experience the tactile sensation of textile making. It is the meeting hub of people movement which invites immediate exchange via co-creation. The physicality and connotation of the artwork transforms over time- when we touch the fabric, our experience and imagination collide and connect. The visible and non-visible networks are interwoven in the communal playground.


Community Partners: St. Mary's Canossian School, Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Lok Hong ICCMW

Artist assistant: Cheung Hiu Tung, Gnin Chak Ho Ning, Wong Sin, Ko Mee Chu

Supported by: Green Ladies & Green Little, L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts

In the Presence of You II


Collected children’s wool fabrics

Dimensions variable


The wool sweaters are not only the marks of growing up but also the blessings from family.

Beyond the collection of kids’ wool fabrics - The imprints of growing up carried by the fabrics are dismantled and reconstructed into a collective and extending connection in order to share the wishes. As we physically explore through and within the artwork, we also share each other’s warmth, join our crossing paths, regain the playtime of childhood and finally create a whole new collective experience.  Everyone is invited to explore together with the children, extending the blessings, sharing every single warmest and sincerest hug right here and now.

Supported by: Redress

23-year-old Hong Kong


Made-in-Hong Kong sweater

49cm(l), 2cm(w), 33cm(h);

49cm(l) 2cm(w) 33cm(h)


The ship in Greek myths, wherein Theseus and the youth of Athens won numerous wars, was preserved by the Athenians to honour the heroic feat, for they replaced the old planks with new timber when one was worn or damaged. At the end, no original parts remained. 

What if someone collect all the old parts and rebuild the ship elsewhere? How is the identity truly preserved?

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Ma Wing Man 24-year-old me.jpg

24-year-old Me


Artist's own woollen gloves

87cm(w) x 25.5cm(l)


I disassemble my former self and observe how "I" am formed. I dismantled my childhood woollen gloves one by one and reknitted new gloves. The memory of identity is reorganizing and extended. Time is being compressed and stacked, sense of warmth is interlaced, and the body is transformed. I try to investigate how the self is presented and what is its boundary.


In the Presence of You


Collected wool from family and friends

Inkjet print on paper

Single-channel video, colour, sounds

Dimensions variable

42cm(w)x 59.4cm(l)

3’ 28”



The neps are parted from woollens; the woollens are parted from sweaters; the sweaters are parted from bodies; the bodies are parted from warmth. I collected the wool fabrics from my family and friends. The personal traces carried by the fabrics are dismantled and reconstructed into a collective connection. Hereafter, the fabrics rub the skin, generate warmth which circles between the body and the fabrics. Fabrics start to pill and neps start to appear, carrying the warmth, interweaving with one another, inadvertently.


Performance photos were taken by Olivia Jaques & Mark Li during Act Performance Festival- Zurich

In the Lack of


Neps and threads from people connected with

A palm size

Berlin, Copenhagen, Geneva, Korvala, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, Vasteras, Zurich

I started missing steadiness and a place I can go back to.


I was unwillingly shifted to ten different apartments during my half-year exchange in Zurich, Switzerland due to lots of unpredictability and difficulties. The helplessness every time I moved from one place to another with all my luggage was beyond sufferable. The uncertainty before I moved into another place put me in desperation. I need a home.


For me, what builds a home is the people, the connection and relationship. I started to collect neps and threads, both silently and noticeably, from clothes of friends and strangers I met in anywhere at any time. I recognised the easy evanescence of the intangible links with people and their importance to providing comfort and steadiness. At the end of the day, it is the intimacy between two people in every single action helped me to find comfort, to connect happiness in an unfamiliar city.


So, am I home after all?


A Translucent Moment with You


Paper, tracing paper, leaves

Dimensions variable

My vigorous handwriting left insensible markings on paper, only to share my modern Chinese poetries with people by reappearing the disappearing existence in every day. The imprinted poetries are about the subtle changes in a room that disappear every day and thus people can experience the delicate minutiae of everyday life.


Hidden Cubicle


Cloth and plaster

Set of 3: 8cm(H)x 8cm(W)x 8cm(L); 8.5cm(H)x 8.5cm(W)x 8.5cm(L); 9cm(H)x 9cm(W)x 9cm(L)

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