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Photo documentation by Olivia Jaques & Mark Li during Act Performance Festival- Zurich

In the Lack of


A pair of scissors

Berlin, Copenhagen, Geneva, Korvala, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, Vasteras, Zurich

Duration: 3 months

I started missing steadiness and a place I can go back to.


I was unwillingly shifted to ten different apartments during my half-year exchange in Zurich, Switzerland due to lots of unpredictability and difficulties. The helplessness every time I moved from one place to another with all my luggage was beyond sufferable. The uncertainty before I moved into another place put me in desperation. I need a home.


For me, what builds a home is the people, the connection and relationship. I started to collect neps and threads, both silently and noticeably, from clothes of friends and strangers I met in anywhere at any time. I recognised the easy evanescence of the intangible links with people and their importance to providing comfort and steadiness. At the end of the day, it is the intimacy between two people in every single action helped me to find comfort, to connect happiness in an unfamiliar city.


So, am I home after all?

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